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996 Turbo EFR Turbo Kit

Looking for faster spool but don't want to sacrafice any power!? Look no further! Black Market Racing has designed the Borgwarner EFR turbo kit for the 996 Turbo with you in mind!

EFR 6258 good for 525whp on pump gas/800whp race gas

EFR 6758 good for 620whp on pump gas/900whp race gas

EFR 7163 good for 650+whp on pump gas/1000+ race gas

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Made in the USA, BMR uses 304SS manifolds that come with a lifetime warranty. We also have special fittings machined for our kit box, so there is not fabrication needed in order to get an oil return system hooked up. Boost hits so fast you won't believe the difference. The EFR 6258's will start spooling as soon as 2200rpm. 6758's will come on at 2500rpm, with full boost before 3500 rpm! 7163's coming in right behine them.

In addition to the standard kit we also have a 4.5" intercooler and Y-Pipe kit that bolts up directly to our kit. Making the install as easy as possible!