Black Market Racing Sealed Catch Can for Dodge Hellcat
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Black Market Racing Sealed Catch Can for Dodge Hellcat

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This is a catch can designed for functions and looks! Why install an out of place round can when you can have something that looks good and functions just as well!!

There is much controversy over catchcans. Some catch cans while they may look good, have nothing but an empty box on the inside. Our box is built with the correct baffling to keep any oil from returning, even under WOT conditions, into the intake system.. We also have a unique design to maximize the cans efficiency to pull oil from the vapor, before returning.

Our can comes standard as a single inlet, single outlet can. This will take the line from the valley to the snout and clean the contaminents from the system. With different catch scenarios it is found on CTS-V's that oil in the supercharger is mainly caused from this line. By cleaning it we keep oil from entering your supercharger and in turn your combustion chamber. This prevents unwanted detonation and keeps your engine healthy and happy!

VTA catchcans are also used. Why should I not get one of those? The problem with these catch cans is they only vent under positive crank case pressure. While great for race/track cars (under the right circumstances), the majority of people daily their car and need a system that continually pulls fresh air through the crank case to evacuate potentially devastating gases that mix and can actually form an acid which long term can take be very harmful to the rotating assembly. Not something you want building up in your engine!

Can includes Drain Valve, and Drain Line

Push Lock AN fittings and Lines available for additional cost.

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 BMR_HC_CCDodge Challenger (2015-2018) - SRT Hellcat/SRT Hellcat Redeye0$299.00BUY
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 BMR_HC_CCDodge Charger (2015-2018) - SRT Hellcat0$299.00BUY
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