2015+ Hellcat Heat Exchanger Coolant Reservoir / Ice Box by Black Market Racing
BMR2015+ Hellcat Heat Exchanger Coolant Reservoir / I


2015+ Hellcat Heat Exchanger Coolant Reservoir / Ice Box by Black Market Racing

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This intercooler resevoir is the first step in keeping your IAT's down in a long pull on your 2015+ Dodge Hellcat. This heat exchanger coolant icebox is made in house at Black Market Racing from .125 tig welded aluminum with a custom flush mounted lid. The lid is big enought to dump bags of ice right into the opening. The tank is predrilled for mounting holes and includes a silicone o-ring that won't degrade over time. It offers a whopping 1.5 gallon capacity not to mention any additional coolant you gain with the rest of your cooling system.

Black Market Racing's reservoir is designed with the return line through the bottom of the reservoir with the outlet via Large "filtered" surface area and to prevent blockage of flow from Ice. Other brands have one hole exiting the box that will get blocked one ice cube at a time slowing the flow. By having a larger surface area to get water from, this box is impossible to be flow restricted, making it the best on the market.

Check out the videos posted on our YouTube channel and Facebook for more information about installation and other notes about filling the ice box and pressures seen inside the tank.

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